Hair Dryer –Top Features to Look For

Hair DryerAre you thinking of buying a hair dryer? Do you know hair dryer features that you should be looking for? Well, there are hundreds of hair dryer brands designed with unique specifications that make them stand out from each other. You should look for a dryer that fits your hair type. Thick, curly hair will require high power blow dryers for quick and easy drying. Here are some of the top features to look for in a hair dryer.

Power Supply

Power determines how fast your hair will dry. You need a dryer that will take minimum time to dry your hair while producing the desired effects. Anything above 1800 watts for thinner hair will work perfectly. Some dryers have power wattage as high as 3600W; meaning that the drying time is drastically cut as more energy is used in keeping soft and smooth. Look for wattage limits before purchasing a dryer. The best ones use more power but produce desired effects on your hair within a short period of time. Such dryers cost more than those with low wattage levels.

Add-on Features

Some dryers come with attached nozzles and diffusers. These add-on features should influence your shopping. Go for hair dryers that contain attachment gadgets. Such dryers give you more options while drying your hair. A nozzle attachment concentrates the airflow in one area and therefore helps in making the hair smoothing process faster. On the other hand, a diffuser will help spread out the airflow for curly hair. Ensure that your hair dryer package contains these add-on features. They provide more options while drying your hair.

Compatibility with Modern Technology

Modern hair drying technology involving the use of ceramic and tourmaline minerals help in smoothing hair much faster with better effects. Check out if the dryer is compatible with these new technologies before making a successful purchase. Ceramic technology is used in distributing the heat uniformly as you blow dry your hair. It ensures that every part receives equal exposure to the heat moisture. Tourmaline mineral is used in retaining the moisture by sealing the cuticle and therefore smooth your hair more rapidly. Hair dryers that are compatible with such modern technologies have higher costs in the market.

Multiple Heat Settings

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, look for a dryer with multiple settings over heat control. Not every hair will be smooth with on high heat. Some require low heat settings for effective blow drying. The higher settings should be used for moisture removal. Once you are certain that the moisture levels are very low, adjust the hair dryer to low heat settings for styling purposes. Multiple heat settings will enable you chic up your hair into modern smooth styles.

Remember to ask for a user manual on how to make effective use of your hair dryer. Do not assume anything as you connect your dryer for blowing purposes. Some professional hair dryers have special procedures for starting, blowing and disconnection. Go through the user manual to know how to make effective use of the machine for durability. A good dryer should last long enough to blow dry more than a thousand heads per year without showing any signs of default.